About Us
We help you save money by making your business expense comparisons simpler . . .

Running a business of any size has its difficulties. In a small business you do not want to be paying more for your major expenses than you need to. We help you keep everyday expenses and costs lower. Knowledge is power!

    By quickly checking what you spend on your important everyday expenses such as health cover - home and auto insurance - business insurance - utilities and communications - transportation and travel - outsourcing and consulting you will quickly see whether you are paying too much on these expenses or not.

    It would be great to find out that you have made some terrific deals but sometimes we are so busy we take the first couple of options without really being able to assess and compare them properly. We are here to help you make those comparisons which will lead to you saving money - and usually a lot.

mission statement

"it's simple - find the best deal - everytime"
  • To create a platform where you will find honest deals and discounts;
  • To provide great client service;
  • Create value for users and partners;
  • If you seek a discount - GetMark.

our vision

"to provide simple saving platforms for everyone"

Our vision is simple - provide a platform where anyone can make simple business and personal expense comparisons - then present great deals and ensure that providers deliver on their products.


"great deals done simply and quickly"
Reggie Hirons - Funkybeds San Francisco

I found a great deal done simply and quickly. Had my expenses checked and found some real over charging for my vehicle insurances.